Executive Board

  • The new executive board is sworn in

Executive Board

As any good plasterer or cement mason knows, quality work involves craftsmanship from top to bottom. A reliable, efficient, and knowledgeable leadership structure is essential to making any project successful, whether you’re setting the foundation for a home or making the finishing touches on a high-rise. Since you depend on effective leaders while on the job, shouldn’t you expect the same from your local union?

Local 132 of Southern Ohio is a plasterer and cement mason union serving the states of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. We pride ourselves on being a trustworthy advocate for journeymen who feel that their working conditions are unsatisfactory or their treatment at work is unfair. Our commitment to this cause exists from top to bottom, with our Executive Board leading the charge. Read on to learn more about the valued individuals who allow Local 132 to help so many craftsmen, then contact us with any questions you may have about becoming a union member.

Andy Kitchens – President

Rory Haines- Vice President and Chairman

Gregory West – Recording Secretary

Charles Dolen Jr – Business Manager/Financial Secretary

Jazzmine Lakich – Sergeant at Arms

Davon Franks – Executive Board


James Mackie – Executive Board


Tanner Dolen – Executive Board


Darrin Champ – Executive Board


Local 132 is a certified union that strives to protect the rights of local plasterers and cement masons. Our priority is serving our members, which means acting as a collective body to represent their individual interests with authority. When our members feel like they are being snubbed proper payment for a job or are forced to work in hazardous conditions, that’s where we step in.

Our Executive Board is composed of industry veterans who can relate personally to the struggles of our members. As long-time plasterers and cement masons themselves, they understand firsthand how difficult and underappreciated the jobs can be at times. That’s why they came together, combining their countless years of experience to establish a source of respite and advocacy for craftsmen across Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Check out our Staff page to learn more about the leaders on our Executive Board and what they can do for you.

What We Do

Our mission at Local 132 of Southern Ohio consists of making sure all plasterers and cement masons within our service area are represented and cared for. To encourage this, we offer industry-leading benefits to our members, which include:

  • Earnings Advocacy — Do you feel like your wage doesn’t match the amount of work you put in every day? By joining a trade union like Local 132, you can take advantage of Collective Bargaining Agreements that may entitle you to higher pay than your non-member counterparts. In addition, membership can grant you access to benefits like increased vacation time and safer working conditions.
  • Health Insurance — Local 132 offers an affordable Health and Welfare Plan to our members, helping qualifying individuals and their families receive the medical care and treatments they need.
  • Retirement Programs — You may love being a professional plasterer or cement mason, but chances are you don’t want to do it forever. That’s why Local 132 provides its members with comprehensive pension plans to help you retire in confidence.

Education and Training Courses — If you’re just starting your career as a craftsman, we offer extensive apprenticeship and training programs to help you succeed. Once enrolled, you’ll learn from certified instructors who will teach you valuable skills and safety practices.

Get In Touch

Local 132’s Executive Board oversees everything we do, and its members are always happy to answer any questions you may have about joining our union. To get in touch with us, simply fill out our online contact form or call us at (937) 956-0680. Whether you’re an aspiring member who’s still on the fence, or you’ve been with us for years, we’re available to assuage any concerns and make sure all your needs are being met.

Unlike other unions in which the Executive Board members may feel out of touch and out of reach, Local 132 of Southern Ohio makes sure our leadership is always attentive to you on a personal level. We care about our hardworking plasterers and cement masons as if they’re family — to experience all the benefits we can bring to your profession, become a member today!